Wednesday, December 28, 2011

June 26 1864

Fort Delaware June 26th 1864

Sunday Morning,

Dear Sarah,

You will form the above see that I am again at my former prison, after an absence of eleven months I trust on this you have received my last mailed 23rd, the day we left Point Lookout. I wrote telling you not to write untill you heard from me again. I had not received a letter from you while on the Point for some time the last received was on the 13th dated 10th the one written after sending me the money from Gus and could not imagine why it was I did not get one. I was sorry we had to leave the Point as suddenly as I was expecting some little articles from Mary G. such as hat, socks, & tobacco but such has been my luck. She wrote me that they would come by last weeks boat so I suppose they are gone. I am quite well at this time and thrust my dear ones are enjoying the same blessing. Tell any one of my friends writing to me where I am so their letters may come straight to me. My love to all home and to all relatives and friends. Kiss my dear little ones for me write soon from your affectionate husband


I arrived here yesterday

Direct to Cpt Henry A Allen

9th Va Infantry Prisoner of War

Fort Delaware, Delaware Prison No 36

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

June 22 1864

Officers Camp, Point Lookout, Md.

June 22/64.

Dear Sarah,

It is highly possible we will leave this place when I do not know but it is supposed very soon as they seem to be making preparations to take us somewhere. It is thought it will be to some other prison, therefore when you receive this do not write until you again hear from me. I am at this time enjoying fine health although there is much sickness here. When this reaches you I will be no doubt at the place of destination. None of us can think this move is for exchange, and will hardly be able to ascertain until sometime after we start. I am tired of being moved about but of course can say naught against it. I trust it will not be to Fort Delaware as I have tried that place. I am writing this so as to have it ready to mail when we receive orders to start. I will now close give my love to your Ma, Joe, Fannie & Ellie also to all relatives and friends. Kiss my dear little ones for their Pa. You must keep a good heart Dear Sarah. I trust they will not move us many more times before the time will come for them to send us home. Good bye Dear Sarah with much love I remain your affectionate Husband

Henry A Allen

We leave this evening

Good bye

Sunday, December 18, 2011

June 20 1864

Since I wrote, the ring has been finished and I enclose it in this letter if too small have a little cut from the inside.

Officers Camp Point Lookout, Md.

June 20th / 64

Dear Dear Sarah,

I fully expected getting a letter from you dear self tp day but was disappointed. Your last written on the 10th I received last Monday 13th and answered it the next day. I cannot imagine why it is that Gus does not write to me he has not written since April if he has I have never gotten his letter. In my last to you I spoke of sending one the plates with yours and the childrens picture to Mary Griffith. I received a letter from her yesterday and I have sent them to her, the one with the children taken with white dresses on I kept as I liked it much the best. If I only had the material I would have some necklaces made. I would like to have two made for Ida and Lucy. We have some beautiful work done here. Is there any Gutta Percha crochet needles in Portsmouth, you know the needles I mean. I may be mistaken about their being crochet needles, they are hallow and quite large. Two or thre sizes, the smallest is the best. How are the dear little ones tell Ida she must not run away from home so often or Pa will think she is a bad child. I much fear she ia as wild as when I last saw her. When did you hear from John, where is Mary Eliza is she with Frances. Give my love to all home. Kiss Ida & Lucy for me. Remember me to all relatives & friends. I must close write soon from you affectionate husband


Thursday, December 8, 2011

June 14th 1864

Officers Camp, Point Lookout, Md

June 14th / 64

Dear Sarah,

Your very kind letter of the 12th came to hand yesterday. This leaves me well and I sincerely trust these few lines may find you and the dear children in health. I think you seem inclined to praise Lucy the most although I do not think you are partial to either. As I before said I cannot imagine how Lucy looks or could not before the picture came to me as I left her at nine months old and now she two years and ten months. But my little Ida has the same dear sweet face they are both pretty children and no doubt you are proud of them. It is hard to tell when I should see them again if ever and it is left to you dear Sarah to bring them up in a proper manner and if it is not done it will not be the fault of their mother. I trust they will not be hard to manage. Joe ___ must have been asleep when he took your likeness. You say you are quite thin and not as large as when I left home. I should judge from the picture that you were larger by thirty pounds. I was sorry to learn you are not well. I have written to the gentleman whom Mr. Bowers mentioned but have received no answers. I think as you do as regards to the money matter it is not pleasant to be dependent on any one but do not be uneasy I shall be paid. I have the means when exchanged. Dear Sarah, it would indeed be a pleasure to see you and my dear little ones but I do not wish you to attempt to come to this place. If I had the means with me and could be paroled it might be so but as it is I Would not have you come. I think brother is doing well and when I am exchanged I shall look to his comfort who is waiting on Emma, yesterday I wrote to you acknowledging receipt of five -5- dollars sent by Gus. I also wrote to him. Give my love to Aunt Mary and tell her I have written twice since I received her letter does she know about brother. My love to your Ma and all home Joe, Fannie & Ella remember me to all relatives and friends particularly to Mary. Kiss my dear little ones for me and tell them to be good children. Yours affectionately,

Henry A Allen

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

June 12th 1864

Officers Camp, Point Lookout, Md.
June 12th /64.

My Dear Wife,

I received yesterday yours of the 5th containing the five -5- dollars sent me by Gus. I have written to him to day returning him my thanks. I see by yours received yesterday that you have not received my letter acknowledging receipt of pictures. I have written to George, his box arrived safe and contained coat, jacket, pants, & shoes, also paper, envelopes, and pipes form Joe. The shirts you sent me came in box also, for which I thank you kindly they fit well I have one on at this time. The box also contained a vest & smoking tobacco which I had forgotten to mention. I have written to Joe to day. I received a small bundle of tobacco from Mary Griffith, I think, as she told me she would send me some. I think I like the plate best with the children dressed in white. Lucy’s is the best in that and Ida’s is best as you say with the colored dress although hers is not good in white it is not quite as distinct but will do very well, neither of James is very good but I am satisfied. I think I shall send the one that is disfigured to Mary G, the one where the defect is in yours and Lucy’s hand I was a little disappointed in the suit of clothes, but I suppose George did his best, and I am much obliged to him. This you need not mention to any one, when you tell me whether Louisa’s little one is a boy or girl, I will select a name for it. I hope she is doing well, my love to all home and to all relatives & friends. Kiss the little ones for me, from your affectionate husband,

Henry A. Allen